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 Conductive Silicone Rubber

Zebra connector (carbon type)

Wire connector (+gold plated)

Silicone measurement matrix

Inter-connector microphone holder

Soft gold-net pill

 Non-Conductive Rubber

Multi-color rubber parts (usb case, brand label, mp3 case)

Rubber key pad

  Other Products

FMC (flexible metal circuit)

DOT connector (ESD or EMI application)

With professional R&D group, all different specifications could be made upon customers’ requirements. We believe our efficient production and high quality products can always make you satisfied.
Welcome to contact us for OEM or any other ways of cooperation. !
Production Lines
Conductive Silicone Rubber
zebra connector (carbon type)
wire connector (+ gold plated) JTA-TYPE ( vertical direction), JTU-TYPE ( D shape )
silicone measurement matrix MT-TYPE (wire matrix type), DR-TYPE (powder type)
inter-connector microphone holder
soft gold-net pill
Silicone Rubber Product
multi-color rubber parts (USB case、brand label、MP3 case)
rubber key pad
Other Application Conductive Silicone Rubber
FMC ( flexible metal circuit)
DOT connector (ESD or EMI application)


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